SALES Check it out... if you see it on sale elsewhere.... just ask, if we can match or beat it.... we will

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Old 12-11-2007, 10:13 AM
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Default Christmas Turbo Sale

Ok, here's the deal, $100 off any Turbonetics turbo. Here's what you have to do, when you are ready to purchase, calls Cotton's, ask for Jack and be ready to order at that time.... I will also compete with any other Buick vendor out there offering a deal on Precision Turbos, just get your best price out there and call me, be prepared to purchase at that time...

The following is a list of benefits you receive from the purchase of a Turbonetics turbo:

1. one year, no questions asked warrantee, no one offers that..

2. polished compressor one offers that as standard equipment

3. built in oil filter for oil feed line, no one offers that...

4. VSR balanced center section, that means the completely assembled rotating assembly is balanced as an assembled unit, no one in the industry does that. They simply assemble balanced components, and call it "good". Huge differance in the potential longevity of your turbo.

5. big shaft turbine wheels, again, all turbo chargers are of the big shaft design with small shaft pricing. Adds to longevity of your turbo charger.

6. all Ball Bearing optioned turbos do not require water cooling or an external oil filtering system..... thats an over $250 savings.... when you purchase a TURBONETICS turbo
Jack Cotton
Cottons Performance
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Old 12-11-2007, 02:40 PM
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I think you are about to be bombarded with turbo orders Keep that coffee brewing.

87 GN with 43k
Stock block Champion GN1 14 bolt, ARP bolts, Cottons valve covers, Comp Cams 218/212 hyd roller, Scorpion rockers, Comp Cams double roller, home ported intake, Champion 1" plenum spacer, RJC PowerPlate, Turbonetics GT-K 850 BB, 3" DP with external wastegate, Cottons 4" cold air kit, Cottons FMIC, 72# inj, FAST XFI, ALKYCONTROL, Hooker cat back, Art Carr 9" NLU, Art Carr internals,Precision turbo saver, Metco adjustable uppers, Metco lowers, HR sway bar, MT DRs
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Old 12-16-2007, 02:45 AM
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I took advantage of this back on the 7th...thanks for the help Jack! Also, very nice web-forum! Glad to be here!
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