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Default Cam Sensor installation

The first thing needed is a good cam sensor, cam sensor tool is recommended, we like to use the Caspers cam sensor kit, something to mark the balancer, spark plug wrench, flashlite, long shaft flat tip screw driver, and a phillips screwdriver.


1.from under the motor, turn over the crank until you can see the TDC mark on the balancer, at about 9 o'clock, measure back behind the slot, 25* or approximately 1.5" and mark it at that point with a dab of paint

2. remove number 1 spark plug, (front DS plug) turn motor over until you feel compression out of the #1 hole, at that point, slowly turn crank until the TDC mark on the balancer is on the timing pointer 0 mark, continue turning to the 25* mark after TDC we marked in step 1.

3. we are now ready to install the cam sensor, remove cap from sensor, notice the opening in the cup on the top of the sensor, that opening should point toward the PS pump when installed. Also notice the keyway on the outer housing where the cap seals around the perimeter of the housing, that keyway should point toward the thermostat housing when installing the sensor. There is a slot in the cap that must line up with the slot in the housing when the cap is installed in step #6

4. notice the bottom of sensor has a slotted tab which must engage with the top of the oil pump, with your flashlite and flat tip screw driver, inspect the oil pump shaft and line up the slot at about 1 o'clock when looking into the cam shaft hole, while looking from the DS fender.

5. carefully lower the cam sensor into the hole while making sure the slot in the bottom of the sensor is clocked to line up with the slot on the oil pump shaft. You will also notice when the cam gear begins to contact the gear on the sensor the cam sensor shaft wil begin to spin in the housing. *you will have to turn the cam sensor shaft approximately 1" counter clockwise in the housing before installing so as to line up with the slot in the oil pump shaft, due to the cam gears meshing. Once the cam sensor is in, it should seat on the timing cover with a mild push, if it does not, it is because the oil pump slot has not seated in the cam sensor slot, remove the sensor and move the oil pump shaft until the sensor seats on the timing cover.

6. install the sensor cap, the wiring at the top of the sensor should point toward the PS pump and the cup on the top of the sensor should also have the opening pointing toward the PS pump.

7. plug in you cam sensor tool turn the cap and housing clockwise about 90* the lite on the tool should be off, slowly turn the cap counter clockwise until the lite just comes on, lock it down and you are done...
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