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Oh, they all have motors and trannys, it's just that some aren't in them. They are in my garage. The 86 and 87 have the tranny, but the motors are out.
I tried to clean the garage up a bit, and lined all of the various motors and trannys up, and I had, let's see:
The tranny and motor from the 85.
The motors from the 86 and 87.
The motor and tranny that came out of a 97 Diesel Chevy
The tranny and transfer case that came out of my Chevy (long live Betsy)
The race tranny for the waGoN, and there are still two 109 blocks in the basement.
And, when Bessy took her last ride, I had 3 motors thrown in the back. My blown up 3.8 from the waGoN, the original motor from Bessy, and the replacement.
Pretty soon, I may also have a turbo 350C covering a piece of concrete too.

Sorry for the interruption.

Keep it shiny side up, but show them your dirty side once in a while.

11.3@123mph on 195/75/14" whitewalls. Yes, 195s!
11.2 on the big giant slicks. What's the point? Maybe I'll go back to the whitewalls. They are lighter and have less rolling resistance.
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