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I am not sure - I got the tranny and converter from a guy in NJ off of the buick site a while back. I know some known Buick guy built it. I can go look in some emails if I can find it. : ) I have a manual valve body but NOT a trans brake. : ( . I think I have around a 2800 ish stall. I had a 200r with a 3200 stall that would just spool like a banshee - very quick. I loved it.

So are you saying there are some new fangeld(sp) 400 converters that will lower my RPM when I am cruising? I still think a gear change will help vs spending all the coin to get a strong 200r. It seems like everyone has the 2-3 flare come back at some point in the 200r. Maybe if I get one of those nice over-drive setups for the 400 that would be cool. : ) The good ones cost more than a killer 200r though....

I can change from one tranny to the other pretty easy if I want to. I still think for cruising and some racing a 200r is a better more pleasant user experiance. I think the 200r also has a lower first gear for a quicker out of the hole launch? no? : )

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hey Ross,

What are you using for a converter, brand and stall. If you have a good converter, as in the correct stall, and with new technology, cruising can be enjoyable again. I noticed with some of the cars we've changed to the 400 converters are huge... when it comes to cruising. I don't think the gear change will benefit you overall.
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