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Default 400 tranny

I have a 400 with a manual valve body along with 28" tall tires and a 3:73 gear. I kinda wish I had the 200 when driving on the street with the gears I have. It seems to rev kinda high when just cruising but my car is loud anyway so it may be that along with not having insulation and nice stuff like a GN body. I am thinking of either going to a 3:23 gear or rebuild my 200 and go back to that. I do like the bullet proof-ness <-(is that a word?) of the 400 and the rock solid shifts from the manual valve body. Having 4th gear with the 200 would be nice though.

I have a B&M quick silver and it will work with a 3 and 4sp tranny by changing one little bolt on it.

Thanks - Ross
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