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Originally Posted by I8AV8 View Post
i am building up my 86 T-Type and had the trans done by a local shop with a good rep, they did some of the performance basics. Other than the lock-up not working (a question for another thread...), i have had no problems with it.

i'd like to know just what the trans will take. i want to keep the OEM trans because i do drive the car daily (i just love driving it!).

thanks in advance.

Matt in Winnipeg.
That's a tough question to answer, without knowing what has been done to the tranny. If it has all the good stuff (billet pieces, good clutches, pump, ect), I would say 9's are possible but you would be asking alot from the tranny. If you have a good stock rebuild, I would not try to push it faster than the 12's. If your lock up is not working, and everything is not up to snuff, have the trans guy get it right.
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