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im not looking forward to the bake in a black car in a staging lane , if i do go out it will be to run the efi points at etown
hopefully Griz can carry the buick flag high for us
and good luck with the pumpkin ,

ps, just remembered i have some fixing to do
came home to find on my atr ext pipe that the pipe going to the HKS wastegate was cracked at the inlet flange , i can weld it back but would rather move up to one of those pw46 gates , did the pw46 for a buddy on the same ATR DP last week and i beleive that was the last one you had in stock,
Paul... NJ rep
the 86 3450lbs ...1.44 6.19@112 9.72@138 ,
109 234cu stock mains and bolts , irons,
the 87 ttop ,1.37 6.0@ 114 9.45 @ 141.9 25 psi !!
109 235cu .gn1 alum, certified roll cage .
the 87gnx'd FAST B2B TA49 ..back to all stock original #s 109 and trans hipro w stagerite
the 87 GN ttop ..all stock with vac brakes
86 WH1 mini tubbed roll caged 109, extreme 2004r
all on pump 93 and alkycontrol

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