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Default New for 11/2009 failsafe for alky

In beta form right now, will be available before Christmas.

Needs a minimum 50 PSI air source or CO2 to operate. Cars that have CO2 for boost controllers can use this setup. We have a 10 OZ air tank and compressor setup with a digital pressure readout currently in beta form.

This is how it works in conjunction with the Alkycontrol System.

Small controller is mounted in glove box, dash, where ever.. Has a knob that you set up the maximum safe boost you can run without alcohol. Lets say 15 PSI. If the car hits 15 PSI boost and the Alkycontrol LED is not "Green", it applies the air tank pressure through a solenoid to open the wastegate door. This will work with both internal and external gates.

Once the gate blows open, the boost drops.. a timer circuit then keeps air applied to the gate for 7 seconds then resets.

This will end the "What if there is no alky".. I'll blow the engine up stuff.

I'll try and get some pictures up the next few days, and fwiw, item currently has US Patent Pending status
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