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Default Reynolds Race 2008

I would like to announce our first official sponsor here. This thread will be used to make those names known, as well as an up to date list of any sponsorship we receive for this race. My plan is to have separate sponsorship for each event, which will be paid on the spot after the race ends. As a racer, I can tell you first hand, I race because I love to race..... I don't do it for the money. But!!! Knowing there is a decent payout for a class I am racing is a welcome bonus, especially knowing what the payout is before I leave home to attend. Getting paid cash before I leave the track is even better!!! That is what I intend to do..... does anyone have an issue with that statement?

Anyone wanting to sponsor this class, please contact me.

Without any further delay, I will now begin listing sponsors.....

Our first sponsor for TSM Reynolds 2008 is non other than :

1. $500.00 - Adam Calcote, R.R. Management and Outfitting
430 South Jackson St
Brookhaven, MS 39601

He has pledged to sponsor $500 and I believe a steak barbecue!!!
Thank you so much Adam, we appreciate your generosity!!

Next is Cotton's Performance. We are a major supplier of all performance parts one might need to upgrade their cars. Including turbos, ICers, FAST XFI, converters and tranmissions, heads, headers, custom Down Pipes, fuel systems suspension components and much more. Payout is contingent on 2 factors:
1. Racers must run a Cotton's Performance sticker
2. Racers must run at least one product purchased from Cotton's Performance

2. $250.00 - Jack Cotton, Cotton's Performance -

Tom Allen, Champion Racing Heads has pledged $250.00. Tom supplies the best Aluminum and Iron ported heads available to the Buick community. He also offers many custom billet components and porting work on heads intakes and much more. Payout is contingent on 2 factors:
1. racers must display a Champion RaCING STICKER
2. Racers must be using Champion Racing Heads aluminum or iron heads on the winning car.
Jack Cotton
Cottons Performance
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