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Default New Anti-cooling Radiator....

Brian nailed it on the head!

Blew my headgaskets last year. I replaced the gaskets and bled the cooling system. Took it out once last year after I did them and saw that it was running hotter than normal after the run and took awhile for it to cool down. I thought maybe it was the thermostat. I drained it and put anti-freeze in it over the winter.
This year i replaced the thermostat, and bled the cooling system again with a spill proof funnel. I figured I was good to go....
Went to the Valley Memorial day weekend and same thing happened. Running hot after the run and took a while for it to cool down....

Brian comes over ask me whats wrong, leans over and looks at my radiator. There's your problem, there's no air going through the radiator! When I blew the gaskets, it pressurized the cooling system and blew up the rows in the radiator crushing all the fins together.

Just wanted to post this up in case some one has the same problem after blowing a headgasket. I never even thought to check it!

Thanks Brian!
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