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Default In da nines

made some changes since last post
ptc 9.5 converter
ran some 10.11-10.12 runs at 108 .134.6 but 60 wasnt there and at top of track it was wandering
this required hitting it harder off the line and
found the umi lower control arm bushing had split from hard launching
so time for some rear suspension upgrades

wolfe racecraft upper and lower dbl adjust control arms
HR lower arm frame pocket braces (weld in)
QA1 single adjust rear shocks
12-150 2.5"coil springs on wolfe adjustable spring perches

notched the frame rails for some big meats (just outer rail)
15x10 weld alumastars and 325/50 MT radials
15x4 weld alumastar and 165 fronts

at 134 mph the stock lines were about due for an upgrade so
steel braided teflon lines , -8 feed and -6 return (stock rail with 8an bung)

also had overshoot running the msbc-1 in manifold mode even with the co2 assist
so i replumbed in wastegate mode and added a 2psi hobbs to activate controller
installed the PW46 gate (from Jack) on my atr 3" external pipe and .installed a 4.5 psi spring
also running baileys 2 step which also works good for the rev limiter as it cuts ignition not fuel

went to atco buick vs ford today and right off the trailer ran 1.529 110 9.96 136
made 4 more passes getting faster in the nines with a 1.52 9.974, 1.45 9.877 , 1.46 9.876 , and 1.448 9.827 at 136.79

stayed after for some time shots and upped the launch boost and spun 1.8 60' and 10.3 but at 137.23 !
mph showed id have a nice pass if it had stuck so i backed launch settings down where it was in time shots and the last pass was...

1.46 6.25 @ 110.97 9.815 @ 137.68

still pump gas 93 and methanol injection ,
18.5 deg timing
launched at 9.5psi (and 4100 on two step) and ran at 26.5 psi boost
Paul... NJ rep
the 86 3450lbs ...1.44 6.19@112 9.72@138 ,
109 234cu stock mains and bolts , irons,
the 87 ttop ,1.37 6.0@ 114 9.45 @ 141.9 25 psi !!
109 235cu .gn1 alum, certified roll cage .
the 87gnx'd FAST B2B TA49 ..back to all stock original #s 109 and trans hipro w stagerite
the 87 GN ttop ..all stock with vac brakes
86 WH1 mini tubbed roll caged 109, extreme 2004r
all on pump 93 and alkycontrol

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