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minor update
fri night drove into track , teched and got in line with them telling me they werent going to run gamblers or realstreet 1/4 mile but rather only 1/8th mi , and the track was going to allow the street cars to run 1/4 but might change their mind as the night cooled so test and tune it was going to be
same tune as last week no changes

broke the tires loose through 1st
60' 1.694
330' 4.555
1/8 6.882
MPH 105.630
11000' 8.893
1/4 10.599
MPH 131.82

not happy but the trap mph was good
with tires still warm got right back in lanes and right back up to the tree only change i made was to drop the two step limit to 3100 figuring even a 1.5 would be ok as long as it didnt break loose

R/T .047
60' 1.488
330' 4.189
1/8 6.475
MPH 107.100
1000' 8.464
1/4 10.156
MPH 133.04

that was fun and a new personal best 1/8th and 1/4 on 93 and alchy

went back to make another pass before it got too cold , added 1 psi to the the stages for the middle of the track and sure as SHi# someone blew up in right lane at the top and stayed in the groove , 1 1/2 hrs of cleanup and the track made the decision to hold all cars to 1/8th mile passes so i called it quits , good thing because three cars later they oiled down the 1st half of the left lane and switched to right lane only 1/8mile passes
Oh well have to hope for nicer weather than this snow crap for a chance at a nine slip
Paul... NJ rep
the 86 3450lbs ...1.44 6.19@112 9.72@138 ,
109 234cu stock mains and bolts , irons,
the 87 ttop ,1.37 6.0@ 114 9.45 @ 141.9 25 psi !!
109 235cu .gn1 alum, certified roll cage .
the 87gnx'd FAST B2B TA49 ..back to all stock original #s 109 and trans hipro w stagerite
the 87 GN ttop ..all stock with vac brakes
86 WH1 mini tubbed roll caged 109, extreme 2004r
all on pump 93 and alkycontrol

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