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happened upon this this old thread on a google search , didnt find what i was looking for

but figured i might as well update

about 4months after the last post the stock piston (#3) decided to split across the top , might have been that way for a while but waited till i had the tune rocking to become a hole
the run that it showed up on was at 24psi and was running 6.67 102.4 1/8 when it let go (started pushing oil out the breathers) and finished at 10.52 124.6 with a 1.48 60'

pulled the motor and I pressed off the cracked piston and pressed on a used stock piston using the old rod and rings , and then dropped in a fully assembled stock 109 motor i had on the stand (all stock turbo parts but with a NA crank)
that thing went 12.5 on stock turbo at 19psi
took a while to get the motor back together because ive been busy but i must have had a break as at some time I replaced the rod and main bearings and also replaced the #3 main cap that somehow got cracked ,

fast forward to march 2011. i decided to put the motor back together with really nothing changed about the motor..
same hyd flat cam/lifters (little 206) , same iron heads , same intake setup reused the cometics again (they were used ones from Jacks pile) I did upgrade the pushrods from stock to comp magnums and went with a stock balancer and flywheel and added a set of TA mild steel race headers

took it right to atco and ran 128
took it to etown 4-29 and turned out a 10.58 at 128.5 at 23psi

that should have been good enough but i really didnt want to spin this motor over 6K even though it pulled easily over 6350rpm on the shifts but trapped at 6000+ rpm so i wasnt about to push harder though im sure there was much more left

i had a forged roller motor in the works but couldnt get it ready for march
109 block bored to .020
JE .020 forged pistons
K1 rods
cat 4340 forged crank (std mains/ had to cut rods to .010 )
rotating assembly balanced for external
BHJ balancer ext
cat sfi flywheel ext
8445 irons with only cleanup behind valves ,no runner porting
comp 918 behives- locks- retainers
cut the exhaust guide down and teflon seals
cut the pedestal sides down for rolller rocker clearance
215/220 comp roller/comp lifters/comp magnum 8.150 prods /comp timing set
arp 12pt head studs
cometic 050 gaskets
T+D 155 roller rockers (.519intake- .529 exh) preload at .030
champion (buick-6) valve covers
stock intake but has the egr tower milled and filled
stock fuel rail and fuel lines accufab regulator
83# low Z inj
rtx injector hotwire
mease sheetmetal plenum (65 mm opened up to 70 barely)
accufab 70m TB
finished it off with TA perf stainless race headers

I pulled stock bottom end motor out and dropped that into my 87 and then dropped this one in ,
first night after a few test runs it ran 103.5 1/8 128.8 at under 22psi but couldnt hook on drag radials so best et was only a 10.81
went back the next week and even though it was hot it still put down 129.90 at 10.7 , still no traction
so i went back again last week with some slicks
still couldnt hold traction on a friday night prep but managed 104.25 1/8 and 130.0 through traps
and then upped the bost a wee bit and slipped the tires even worse 60' was 1.689 ran 103.8 and 130.75 @ 10.6 ,
boost was 22.6 through to the 1/8 then 23.6 to the top

keep in mind this is just a std 109 with no steel caps , no studs , no girdle , no hard blok just stock main caps and bolts , didnt even do a line bore
Paul... NJ rep
the 86 3450lbs ...1.44 6.19@112 9.72@138 ,
109 234cu stock mains and bolts , irons,
the 87 ttop ,1.37 6.0@ 114 9.45 @ 141.9 25 psi !!
109 235cu .gn1 alum, certified roll cage .
the 87gnx'd FAST B2B TA49 ..back to all stock original #s 109 and trans hipro w stagerite
the 87 GN ttop ..all stock with vac brakes
86 WH1 mini tubbed roll caged 109, extreme 2004r
all on pump 93 and alkycontrol

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