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Originally Posted by turbonatr View Post
My 2004R has seen TONS of very, very low 11 second and almost as many high 10 second passes (between 10.70s and 10.90s) in my 3660lb GN before it was swapped into my T-Type (along with a bunch of street miles). Converter is a N/L 9" Art Carr. No trans brake. Most of the drag strip passes were on 28x9" Hoosiers with 60ft times in the high 1.40s.

A seperate trans cooler is a MUST. Don't use the factory "cooler" which runs the fluid through the radiator. Have it built by a trans shop that knows the 2004R. I know a trans guy that makes his living building Power Glides and TH400s that live behind fire-breathing blown alky injected Big Block Chevys, but he couldn't get a 2004R to live in a 12 second car. Spend the money and go with a shop that has a reputation of building killer 2004Rs. It won't be cheap, but at least you know it'll be done right the first time.

Great info Eddie, thanks~~!
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